Thursday, 24 October 2013

OOTD #8 - Pink Leopards in the Shire/Fat chicks can wear leopard print #2

The husband-man and I hit up DFO factory store outlet last Wednesday in search of some nice Ralph Lauren shirts for him,as I'm always the one spending money shopping for clothes.

Unfortunately as he's such a fusspot we didn't find anything to the Scotsman's liking,but I did happen upon some garishly bright fuschia leopard print Converse for the bargain price of only $50!!!! 

They are uber kitsch and uber trashy and uber bright and I love them! And they just happened to go perfectly with an equally garish pink and orange leopard print skirt I had in my cupboard.

And yes,my fellow splendiforous curvaceous babes,fat chicks can wear leopard print! Fat chicks can wear garish hot pink leopard print!!!! Fat chicks can wear whatever the feck they want!!!!!!

This is what I wore to my Saturday shift,which is basically a social outing group for my service users.So I still need to be comfy,but can also glam up a little bit more than during the week.My trusty skirt-leggings-hair flower combo is a winner for work.

The shirt is a thrifted oversized Supre top.It's soooo comfy for these unusually hot Spring days Sydney's been having.Hair wasn't co-operating again.Really don't know what I'm going to do with it.Scraping it into a bun is becoming so damn boring........

My splendid arse clad in garish leopard print.


TOP - Thrifted $4 (Supre)

SKIRT - New Look (Glasgow - old)


CONVERSE - DFO Converse Outlet Shop (current $50)

HAIR FLOWER - Diva? (DFO factory outlet)

LIPS - Rimmel Funtime Fuschia overlayed with a light pink Napoleon gloss


  1. I love animal print and you have rocked it nicely with those pieces together, perfect!!! this is a fun and comfy look id wear any day: those chucks are hot, I think ill look around for them...didn't know they had brighter colour version of animal print! great post gal :)

    1. Thanks for the follow hon! Yeah,I hadn't seen these in the shops before I went to the clearance outlet.Will definitely be going back every 3 or 4 months to get a pair and build up a collection.I walk LOADS at work,always on the run so this is the perfect combo while still feeling a little girly and glam.x