Sunday, 13 October 2013

OOTD #4 - Purple in the Park

On Sunday of the long weekend,we had a baby shower for 2 sisters in Centennial Park.Yes,both sisters are preggers and due just weeks apart.Happily weird coincidence,aye?

The Princess and I didn't really know anyone,so we just hung out with Mama Frangipani and her BFF's,our 'Aunties'

As someone who is still not quite ready/sure about the whole children thing and who definitely couldn't afford them at the moment even if I did want them I must admit to a little meltdown in the ladies,as we seemed to be surrounded by 20 - 30 something married couples,who all had babies and their shit together.i.e. Careers,mortgages,the white picket fence etc. Yes,first world problems I know.STFU drama queen!

The Princess gave me a verbal Alexis - Dynasty bitch slap by reminding me that I have a lovely,happy and fun marriage and forwent all the mortgage and career thing to go travelling and have some awesome adventures.....but that's a story for another time.In any case it worked,my sister is always the voice of calm and reason,despite being 7 years younger.

One thing I am confident I do have together is this outfit.

It's one of my go to outfits as it makes me feel gorgeous and confident and happy.Purple is my favourite colour and colour always lifts my mood.Being scandalously low cut,I had to wear a cami underneath,despite the 32 degree heat plus a black skirt underneath as due to my ample bubble butt skirts tend to hang low in the front and rise high in the back.I didn't want to give an x-rated show when I bent over in the middle of Centennial Park.

I bought the dress for $10 in an Autograph sale without trying it on,even though it's 2 sizes smaller than what I would usually take.The sandals were also bought in a New Look sale (Glasgow) for 3 quid/$5.The belt was $2 in another Autograph sale.Yeah,I'm pretty lucky with bargains in the sales.

Mahoosive Hair Flower...Check!


Dress - Autograph (old)

Cami underneath dress -Big W (current)

Skirt underneath dress - Big W (old)

Belt - Autograph (old)

Necklace - Gifted (Tree Of Life)

Sandals - New Look (Glasgow - old)

Parrot Earrings - Accessorize (Glasgow - old)

Mahoosive Starburst Lilly Hair Flower - Paddys Markets

Sunglasses - Cheap shop in Cronulla

The Baby Shower,lovely setting and an even lovelier day.

One of the beautiful mums to be.

After a few hours at the baby shower,the Princess and I made our way to Bronte beach.Miracle of miracles,we got a parking spot! It's hard enough at the best of times,but Sunday it was 32 degrees,and the local Eastern Suburbs team The Roosters were playing in the NRL Grand Final that night. 

Of course,all those factors combined and being a long weekend,Bronte looked like human soup.The water was absolutely gorgeous though and we pretended to be mermaids frolicking in the ocean for a few hours.

The Princess and I were mermaid princess sisters in that little swimming hole next to the ladder .

My favourite Sydney beach,Bronte.

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