Sunday, 9 March 2014

I'm still here!

Hello anyone who's still stuck around with this blog......

Work has been totally crazy hence the long hiatus.I'm coming home emotionally and physically drained at the moment with no energy or mental space to write when I get home.On a positive note,as of the end of March I'll be promoted for all 4 days I work Mon - Fri for my first job so there will be plenty of opportunities to get creative with my outfits.Plus a good excuse to go shopping for new-old ones! 

I've also been working a few shifts at a second job so I have been one very busy lady.I've therefore had to make the most of my down time,so there's been Sydney adventures aplenty,loads of op shopping and a bit of kitchen experimentation.

I promise I will blog them soon,please just bear with me while I transition to my new role.Once that's all done and settled and I have my head around it all I'll be back on the blogging wagon.In the meantime you can find me on Instagram (msfrangipani)


Saturday, 9 November 2013

FOOD! Easy (Raw?) Vegan Breakfast

My old workmate has set up an awesome website called Connect The Dots. It's a mind,body,spirit type website with lot's of 'normal' people contributing,writing about life experiences,body confidence,healthy eating etc.

Yours truly was very kindly asked to contribute and at the moment it's all recipes I have up there,though I will soon be writing up some body confidence - self esteem stuff.

Now you have my word that this will NEVER be always be a diet free zone.I have tried and failed every diet out there imaginable,lost weight-gained it back-lost weight-gained it back etc. and my self esteem was up and down like a yo yo.I even tried those stupid meal replacement shake diets in desperation one day and all I lost was my sanity.

I totally believe in Health at Every Size (HAES) and that we still do need to take care of our bodies,without giving in to societies expectations.Since I learnt to stop hating myself and my self esteem has sky rocketed,I've falling naturally into healthier eating patterns (I still slip up and have my binging episodes,but mostly I have pretty much sorted out my disordered eating) and as a result I have lost a little weight (without that being my aim or intention),my skin and hair looks much better and I am happy.

One thing I have been experimenting with lately is Raw eating.When I first read about raw eating many,many moons ago,it was an article in some trashy magazine about Demi Moore and her strictly raw diet.It sounded pretty extreme back then and I didn't give it a second thought.As I've slowly sorted out my disordered eating I educated myself a lot through other bloggers and the internet.Raw food actually seemed appetising and exciting as opposed to crunching down on endless celery sticks which Ms Moore seemed to do.

Subconsciously I have now found myself in the pattern of having a raw breakfast and morning tea.My treats of choice are becoming raw sweets as opposed to chocolate bars (although I could never give up chocolate completely!) and as a result of my overall eating overhaul I've inadvertently lost a little weight,my health stats have improved dramatically to being extremely healthy,even to my Dr's surprise.(Size is not an indicator of health,but I will write more on that another time.) and my skin,nails and hair (till I tortured it with bleach) are looking much better.

During the warmer months this is my usual breakfast.I was in the habit for years and years of never having breakfast,but now I force myself to get up that little earlier to have something and get that extra 15 minutes to wake up and get myself together.When you have an awesome breakfast to look forward to,getting up earlier is all that little more enticing.I first discovered this method on Instagram and it's become a staple since.It's takes mere minutes to throw together the night before and then you just leave it overnight.No cooking and minimal prep.A winner for mornings!

Somehow overnight the oats become a gorgeously creamy,voluminous concoction.This is my basis for many combos,other alternatives......

###### I don't know if technically this is raw because I use a shop bought milk alternative?

* Frozen berries  (I use frozen because it's more economical.Fresh berries are an absolute treat to me that I prefer to eat fresh and plain)

* Instead of banana,mash up a mango and add dessicated coconut.Use coconut milk instead of your normal milk choice

* Stewed apple and frozen blueberries instead of banana

* Stewed cherries (I use frozen)

* Add 1 teaspoon raw cacao powder

* Add dessicated/shredded coconut


In an empty/nearly empty nut butter jar add.......

1 ripe banana mashed

1 Tbsp nut butter of your choice (I do have healthier,natural nut butters but I couldn't resist a choc chip cookie PB!)

1 Tbsp chia seeds

1 Tbsp coconut oil

3 Tbsp oats

a few drops Vanilla paste

Approx. 1 cup milk of your choice (I use coco quench)


1. Mash the banana with the peanut butter and coconut oil. (This helps to avoid the coconut oil clumping together)

2. Add it to the jar with everything else.

3. Shake the jar/mix with a spoon

4. Leave in the fridge overnight

5. Set your alarm a little earlier to enjoy your jar of awesomeness!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

7 year (b)itch.Sorry,it had to be done!

7 years! 7 years! 7 FREAKING YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah,the 'Glasgow Years' were mostly spent drunk!

Apparently once you get handfasted/married you don't count the anniversary of when you first got together as a couple.I say screw that! I think love in all forms should be celebrated,and relationships full stop should be celebrated.Especially in this day and age when divorce rates are going up.

Before the Scotsman and I got together I was a total commitment phobe.I didn't want to get married.I just wanted to continue travelling the world,having adventures and short term flings.On bonfire night in Glasgow,5th September 2006,we admitted we had feelings for each other after 2 years of friendship.

My life has changed so much in the last 7 years.I have never met someone who simultaneously infuriates me,drives me bonkers but also makes me laugh till I'm on the floor crying,makes me feel so unbelievable loved and worthy of that love and who makes me go into fierce psycho bitch mode to protect him from all the hurts of the world.

On paper (or if we were signed up on one of those Internet dating sites),we would be totally incompatible as we are complete polar opposites.We can't even agree how to have our tea and toast in the morning! (Black and 2,jam only on nearly burnt bread for him,white,1/2 tsp sugar and very,very lightly toasted with butter and jam for moi.) From our physical appearance,personality traits,tastes and temperaments to our Zodiac signs (he Virgo and me Aries) but we've lasted these past 7 years with a relatively drama free relationship.Pretty good considering I am a complete and utter drama queen! I can honestly say we've only ever had 3 serious-go to sleep angry with each other arguments in our time together and we've managed to survive unsupportive,now estranged family members (his) and a move from one hemisphere to another.

I'm kinda rambling but I guess I just want to celebrate love.I'll post our story and our handfasting soon but in the meantime I just wanted to put up this post............


Aussie Curves - Races

Aloha Petals!

I inadvertently took today off as it's the Scotsman and my 7 year anniversary today.According to the husband-man once you get married,you don't count the anniversary of the day you got together.I say screw that though! Love is always a cause for celebration!

So anyways,this is the first time since I can remember that I've ever actually went out anywhere for the Melbourne Cup.Hell,I've never even been to the races despite having to drive past Randwick Racecourse for 6 years when I worked in Bondi.It just never tickled my fancy.

Anyways,here's my hastily put together (and photographed) outfit for our Melbourne Cup lunch outing to the St George Motorboat Club. We had a great time,there was a fab atmosphere and we may consider getting tickets to a proper luncheon - function type thing next year.

As for this dress,I purchased it from Ebay aaaaages ago.......I've hardly worn it as it just doesn't feel like 'me' despite being a vintage repro number.The colours are very muted and too neutral for my personal taste and the dress just feels too conservative and dainty lady like,for me personally.

I do think it's a gorgeous dress,don't get me's just not moi.I felt quite uncomfortable in it,more so psychologically than physically.I really can not fault this dress for comfort and cut and style.The material breathes,the cut is gorgeous (though I do prefer things a bit more cleavagey ;P ),the skirt length is just lovely and 50's like and the skirt flows beautifully.

I would've felt more me had it been more colourful.........and OMG there are soooooo many gorgeous dresses from Lady V in more my style................


Dress - Lady V London (Ebay - 2 years ago)

Belt - ??????

Shoes - Big W (current)

Hair Frangipani - Hot Dollar (old)

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Arachnia,Vampire Queen of Spiders

My God this year has crept up on me and gone by in a flash.I can't believe we're in November already!

As such,we had planned a Halloween Funday Monday at work a month in advance.However that month absolutely flew in,so I was left with a very last minute costume.

Unfortunately Halloween turned out to be a total let down for me this year.We Aussies just don't do it like the Scots.I was very pleasantly surprised in my first year living there at just how huge Halloween is over there.The whole kit and kaboodle - trick or treating and the efforts put in to dressing up.Although lately,yes it all seems to be slutty this and slutty that.Nothing wrong with a bit of sexiness,but a slutty bumblebee?!?!?!  C'moooooon! Where's the imagination? 

Then my lovingly planned Halloween Monday celebrations were thwarted by an (extremely) last minute fire evacuation training.Cue lots of stress for the fill in Team Leader and staff,most of whom don't share my Halloween enthusiasm and love all things macabre.

And on the actual 31st I had nothing planned as I was working the next 2 days.Le sigh.First world problems,blah blah blah.........

Anyways,here is my very last minute and not very imaginative costume made with what I had on hand.......oh,and I totally rocked up to training like this,even though I was the only one dressed for Halloween in the room............................

**** Picture Heavy because I'm a vain beeatch and just discovered some awesome filters in the editor.

Arachnia,Vampire Spider was all I could think of at the time.

Trying to do Bela Lugosi Dracula eyes.Failing.

And yes,I own not one but TWO Bela Lugosi 'Dracula' necklaces


Dress - New Look  (Old,Glasgow)

Belt - Old (???????????)

Shoes - Big W (current)

Bela Lugosi Necklace - Etsy

Hair Flower - Ebay

Hat/Veil hairband thing - Hot Dollar Halloween section

Skull - Crystal Skull Vodka bottle

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween Weekly Dose Catch Up

I've missed a few Halloween Daily Doses so here's what I've been posting on Facebook..................

This was supposed to be a 'horror' film back in 1936,but now it's just fcuking hilarious.

Not a conventional Halloween horror,but a horror nonetheless.Ms Davis is one bad beeatch!!!!

No CGI shit here,just make up and a changing camera filter.And now Senor Lugosi.................

I never

THE sexiest entrance in cinema history...................