Friday, 4 October 2013

OOTD #2 - Frangipanis! Wear all the frangipanis!

THIS is my usual work gear..........................

Not very flattering,not very glam and pretty shapeless.My everyday work gear needs to be comfortable and functional due to the insane amount of running about I do in a day,the need to be able to move quickly and to be not too pricey or precious as I could have anything from cleaning products to bodily fluids splashed on me.

As for make up.Pffft! It would just melt off and be pointless with the nature of my day.A recent promotion however,has taken me off the floor and into the office for one day a week.

Cue much excitement from me.................

This is my 'I'm so excited I get to glam up for work for the first time in 15 years' face.

Some sort of demented Hula dancing

I love,love,LURVE Collectif dresses.Of course because they're vintage reproduction and I just adore their styles,but they also fit beautifully and make a fat chick feel even more beautiful.Plus the prints they have are just gorgeous - lot's of leopard print,tropical flowers and kitschness.I must admit,this is a size smaller than my usual,but it was a snip at $30 on Ebay plus FRANGIPANIS!!!!!! LOADS OF FRANGIPANIS!!!!!!! So I just had to chance it and snapped it up.And the smaller size does make my cleavage look amazing! Unfortunately the amazing bazookas are too scandalous inappropriate for work so I had to cover up with this shirt,which I bought specifically for the dress.

Mmmmmmm,I'm not overly happy with the look.I certainly wouldn't wear it out normally,of course I would just wear the dress and unleash my killer cleavage to the general public,but for work it will do.

The shirt would certainly look nice with flowy printed pants or a skirt.Surprisingly I have neither in my wardrobe so that may be a challenge for the future.Restyle the white shirt into something I like.

Also,I generally don;t wear white as I am one of the most accident prone-clumsiest people I know.White is just a disaster for me and sure enough when I was leaving the house I managed to fling a can of coconut in the air and all over the shirt while retrieving my lunch bag.Thankfully coconut milk is white and didn't leave any fatty stains.I also managed to miraculously not spill anything down myself ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!

Happy Face coz I managed not to spill anything down my white shirt all day!


Dress - Collectif (old)

Shirt - Big W (currently available)

Shoes - Big W (currently available)

Hair flower - Primark (UK - old)

Frangipani Earrings - Ebay (current)

Lips - Kate Moss for Rimmel (current)

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