Budget Fatshionista.......

I returned to Sydney with my Scotsman in tow,in February 2012,after 8 years living in Glasgow,Scotland.

Unfortunately,relocating to the other side of the world and back again meant I had to leave a hell of a lot of my wardrobe there and start from scratch again.

Starting afresh,the husband's visa costs,our handfasting* ceremony,buying a car,mandatory health insurance and the generally ludicrously expensive cost of living in Sydney,albeit the best damn city in the world,means that I need to be uber creative and cheap when it comes to my fashion choices until we get on our feet again.

I try and live as ethically as I can,but wish as I might,I simply can't afford $100 a piece eco threads.Sooooooo,I have recently re-discovered my love of op-shopping & Ebay,but I also have to get a lot of my wardrobe from Big W,Kmart,Best & Less etc.Not ethical,not sustainable but one day when I have an awesome career that pays me shitloads I shall buy as ethically and sustainably as I can.

* Handfasting - Scottish Pagan Wedding Ceremony

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