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**** Originally written 2nd October

I had originally planned a post about my AWESOME Spanasian Sangria recipe but I've instead found myself inadvertently agreeing to do the Ocsober challenge.

I'm on antibiotics for a week,possibly 2,which of course means no alcohol.The Princess is on a mega health kick at the mo and had told me about Ocsober at which I spluttered out my coffee and laughed hysterically.Give up alcomohol! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! We're half German for chrissake! Give up alcomohol.Pffffffft.

The day after our conversation,about 3pm I received a call from an unfamiliar Sydney number.It turned out to be Amato's liquor store informing me that my Mango sparkling wine had arrived and would I like them to keep 6 or 12 bottles??? (Yes,the liquor store has my number.Don't judge me.)

Anyways,I had a Dr's appointment at 4pm resulting in a course of antibiotics.And I have to go in next week to take some bloods for a general check up.The Dr emphasised that they check blood sugars and liver.Do they have a sixth sense for these kinda things????

So it seems the universe was conspiring to get me off alcomohol for a month.It's not enough that I've been upping my veggie intake,getting up earlier to have breakfast and experimenting with raw desserts,no I have to give up alcohol.

At first I stomped and shook a metaphoric fist at the universe but now I'm kinda relishing the challenge.For one,I'm a stubborn Aries b!tch.I am determined to do this,as hard as it may be.Secondly I'm really interested to see what kind of effect it has on me,emotionally,mentally and physically and how it changes my mindset in terms of coping strategies.Plus of course it's all fundraising for a good cause.

I have a pretty stressful job and my automatic reaction to a bad or busy day is to reach for a glass of wine.....with vodka....and a little juice...........I'm not a total lush! When I lived in Glasgow I'm pretty sure I had a borderline drinking problem/depression.Since we've moved back to Australia my drinking has well and truly been slashed (I'm a lot happier too though) and I stopped smoking 6 months ago.But I probably could still do with giving my liver a break.

Of course it's helped by the fact that I'm mostly happy and content,but I still use alcohol as a crutch in happy times and stressful times.Sooooo watch this space as I navigate a booze free month.In the meantime,for those of you that can drink,here's my kick arse Spanasian Sangria recipe.....

Mrs Frangipani's kick arse Spanasian Sangria Recipe

The Sangria jug survived the trip from Barcelona - Glasgow then all the way to Sydney.The owl mug is just because it's so damn CUTE!!!! And everything is better when there's cuteness and kitsch involved.

***** Please not I wrote this up before Ocsober was decided upon*****

Not so much a recipe,but more a Public Service Announcement............

Sangria.Ah Sangria,how I love thee.I first tried Sangria at the Spanish club in Sydney.....near the George St Cinemas.I think it's still there,I very rarely frequent the city now that I'm all grown up and can't handle dancing till 5AM.

Anyways,back to the Sangria.The Scotsman and I had our first holiday together in Portugal.One of those ludicrously cheap deals to the sun that you get from the UK.Not a place I had ever thought of going to,but after 5 years in Glasgow I was desperate for some sun and sand.We spent time eating gorgeous food,getting sunburnt,exploring the beautiful Portugese countryside and drinking cheap arse Sangria.It was literally 2 Euros a glass! 

And there I also discovered the gorgeousness that is white Sangria.Now being back in Sydney,there is always an excuse to make Sangria (29 degree Spring,anyone???) so after much experimentation,here is my bastardised Spanasian Sangria...........

1 bottle Shiraz or Temperanillo

1/4 cup Cointreau

1/4 cup Lychee Liquer (optional but it's what makes this amazing.....and Asian)

1/4 cup Vodka or Rum or both

1 cup juice- more if you prefer.I love using Lychee or Mango juice.If you have an Asian grocers nearby,Mangosteen juice is awesome!

As much or as little chopped fruit as you want.We use whatever's in season.Today it's strawberries,blueberries,Corella pear,kiwi fruit and oranges.

Simply mix well in a big jug and serve over ice.

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