Sunday, 9 March 2014

I'm still here!

Hello anyone who's still stuck around with this blog......

Work has been totally crazy hence the long hiatus.I'm coming home emotionally and physically drained at the moment with no energy or mental space to write when I get home.On a positive note,as of the end of March I'll be promoted for all 4 days I work Mon - Fri for my first job so there will be plenty of opportunities to get creative with my outfits.Plus a good excuse to go shopping for new-old ones! 

I've also been working a few shifts at a second job so I have been one very busy lady.I've therefore had to make the most of my down time,so there's been Sydney adventures aplenty,loads of op shopping and a bit of kitchen experimentation.

I promise I will blog them soon,please just bear with me while I transition to my new role.Once that's all done and settled and I have my head around it all I'll be back on the blogging wagon.In the meantime you can find me on Instagram (msfrangipani)