Sunday, 27 October 2013

Halloween WEEK Part Deux

I freaking LOVE Halloween. I've always been drawn to the more macabre-dark side of life.I'm generally a happy person,but the dark stuff fascinates me.Like the original Dracula,Vlad the Impaler, Countess Bathory, The Rose of Turaida (which I actually visited on my travels) etc. 'Fascination with the Abomination' I suppose.I certainly don't sympathise with the darker characters but I'm curious about the psychology of it all.I was quite the goth-punk in my younger days.I adore listening to Symphonic Goth Metal,well just Goth Metal in general.The old classic horror films are my favourites - I'm not so much up on the modern ones.They just seem like slasher porn with no creative storyline.Don't get me started on Twishite.

I was always sympathetic to Dracula,wished Christine has chosen the Phantom of the Opera instead of Raoul and loved the darker,original versions of fairy tales as a kid.

The Divine Monsieur Lugosi as Dracula.Swooooon!

Plus on my mother's side,traditional religions are practised alongside a belief in black and white majick,and the spirit realm.I myself follow a more alternative-Pagan path in life.I have no problem with religion so long as we all accept whatever spiritual path other people choose.As my Muslim Grandpa (who was married to my practising Christian - majick believing Grandma) used to say...... 'We all worship the same Gods,we just do it in different ways.'

Anyways,the point is that I love Halloween in the traditional pagan sense.......although that would actually be April 30/May 1 in the Southern Hemisphere.As such my enthusiasm has passed onto my service users and we have declared it a Halloween WEEK at work.Complete with a Halloween Funday Monday tomorrow ending in a Devilish Disco.

Unfortunately I have some utterly boring fire evacuation training for the first part of the day (We all know what to do.....scream and run!!!!) so I will miss most of the fun shenanigans I had planned.We will be having a  monstrous make up session,Spooky baking,Ghoulish Games and some Halloween Craft.

For those of you with kids or not and just want some ideas this is what we'll be doing................


I'll prebake some (packet mix.Shhhhhh! Don't tell anyone!) cupcakes in these uber cute cupcake wrappers I got from the reject shop for $2 each.The service users will then decorate them with a simple glaze (icing sugar,add water till it's a spreadable consistency,about 1 Tbsp to every cup of icing sugar) tinted green and orange.

They then can decorate them with black cat and teeth lollies (cheap generic brand at IGA) and pumpkin marshmallows (Woolworths) and drip them with icing 'blood' (Tint another bowl of glaze with pillar box red food colouring - IGA).

We did this last year and they were a huge success and requested again this year.It's cheap,cheerful and fun.Oh and I use Aldi buttercake mix $0.79 a pack and free range eggs are $3.79 a dozen.


Witches Broomstick Limbo
Become a mummy - toilet paper each other
Frankenstein's bluff (blindmans bluff)
Zombified - Like that winking murder game,where everyone draws a piece of paper and one is a Zombie.The Zombie then has to try and make as many people as they can Zombies by either winking or in our case sneakily tapping on someone.The zombies of course get to do their best zombie acting.


Pipe cleaner stick men made into mummies
Orange and Jelly Jack O'Lanterns

And the DEVILISH DISCO will of course have the usual Monster Mash,Thriller,Time Warp etc. 

I didn't really have time to think through my costume.This year is flying in! So I'll just be going as a Spider Witch Queen.I trialled the eye make up super quick this morning,didn't even put mascara on,as I just wanted to see what colour scheme worked better.I'm thinking the purple.....and using lot's more so that it's darker.The spider web on the red eye was a pencil,and the purple was a liquid eyeliner pen.Yeah,I sucked at art.

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