Who is Ms Frangipani???

Ms Frangipani is a 30 something year old Aussie girl rediscovering a love of her home city after an 8 year absence in Glasgow,Scotland where she fell in love and brought a Scotsman home.

According to the husband-man she's a high maintenance,psycho bitch,drama queen with issues.He's kinda right.

Rock n roll Geek.Goes from political to shallow in 0-60.Loves to bake,cook and generally make a mess in the kitchen..............make a mess in general.Macaron making scares her.......as do worms,caterpillars and slugs.Her irrational fear sends a chill down her spine as she types this.

Believes leopard print and red lipstick are for every.damn.day.Eats mangoes and chocolate by the bucketful.Loves backpacking and still has a fair few countries on her bucket list.

Adores tattoos and still feels like an unfinished masterpiece.Will complete all her body art one day.......

ALL body positive,diet and body snark free zone.Has learnt to finally look in the mirror and feel beautiful after 20+ years of self loathing and disordered eating.

Loves all things vintage.The dresses,the music,the movies,the cars.Bette Davis is her Goddess.Listens to goth metal,loves old musicals,always has a flower in her hair,is really a mermaid.

Doesn't know why she is talking in the third person.

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