Tuesday, 8 October 2013

OOTD #3 - Tiger print and fire engine red

It's was a long weekend here and I am wayyyyy too skint to do anything very exciting.Life in Sydney is expensive.Amazing but expensive.Thankfully we have gorgeous sun and beautiful beaches for cheap/no cost days out.

Saturday,I was just simply hanging out with The Princess and Mama Frangipani.We went to Lakemba,a working class area of Sydney made up of mostly Middle Eastern - Asian immigrants,to stock up on Indonesian ingredients,and just to do some people watching and check out the Eurotrashtastic shops where you can sometimes find a gem amongst the racks of tat.

It was a very warm 27 degrees,so it called for comfort and coolness (in the temperate sense).I've loved tigers for as long as I can remember,so much so that I had one tatttooed on my arm (along with some regrettable tribal markings which needs to be covered/improved on) as my protection symbol on my first backpacking trip alone around SE Asia and Europe.

Unfortunately tiger print clothing is very few and far between.Maybe it's possibly crossing the threshold of punk into Eurotrash? Either way I care not a jot and when I saw this skirt,in Best & Less of all places,I had to have it.

I need a better singlet top than this one as I realised when I came home and uploaded the photos my bra is visible from the sides.....and they make me look all boob! GAH! These bazookas,they're a blessing and a curse!

Since my clubbing days of the 90's,I've always had a penchant for teaming animal print with fire engine red.....well any bright colour really,but fire engine red is my fave go to.Again please excuse the hair,it;s still recovering from the whole 'shampoo free' natural experiment.The only way it looked semi presentable was to scrape it up in a ponytail.

So,if anyone has any hair care tips for frizz prone - curly hair PLEASE let me know! And tiger print - yay or nay? * I actually thought about posting this in the Aussie Curves weekly stripes challenge,but I wasn't sure if tiger stripes would count.

Awkward posing - still getting used to this whole selfie thing

The shoes! Cute shoe alert!

Excuse the visible bra!

Tiger print.....Eurotrash or not?

Outfit Details

Top - Can't remember,some cheap arse shop

Skirt - Best & Less (old)

Belt - Autograph (old)

Shoes - Big W (current $9.99)

Lips - Kate Moss for Rimmel

Hibiscus Hair Flower - Ebay

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