Monday, 21 October 2013

OOTD #7 - Frida Kahlo meets Maria Von Trapp.

This outfit was a total spur-of-the-moment-thrown-together-effortlessly-becoming-an-epic-outfit OOTD.I wasn't even planning on blogging this but dammit I looked so damn CUTE! And I got loads of compliments at work today - from both colleagues and service users.One of my guys kept telling me I looked 'so beautiful Steph! So beautiful!' Awwwwwwww.My job ain't so bad sometimes.When I'm at my lowest ebb and seriously questioning whether I can continue in the field anymore something happens to make me smile.

Anyways,this of course was my office day outfit.It has a kinda Frida Kahlo-South American feel to it which makes me happy.Although my work colleagues thought it was more 'Sound of Music'.I then had 'The Hilllllllllllsssss are aliiiiiiiiiivvvveeeee' going through my head alllll damn day!

However,the outfit in general makes me happy.And flower crowns!!!! I've resisted wearing my flower crowns since they became all the rage,but this outfit was just calling for my pink flower crown.Funnily enough,when I first purchased this many moons ago,the Princess laughed at the sight of me wearing it and told me 'it's ridiculous but totally you'.

I'm totally chuffed with the top.I've recently rediscovered my love of op-shopping.Of course as a big lass,it's either one extreme or the other.....I'll find absolutely nothing or a whole pile of gems.A few days ago I hit my local Vinnies and found 4 tops & a pair of sunnies.This little gem being one of them.It's actually 2 sizes smaller than what I would usually wear,so I need to get in my head to not be confined by the size on the label.

Again,this could've been an entry for the Aussie Curves 'Pink' challenge,but I'm not quite ready to put this little blog completely out there yet.

The scarf that's worn as a belt was another op-shop find.I also snaffled 2 bags,including a leather Esprit one for only $6! There was also about 4 pairs of beautiful mint condition Wittner wedges for only $15 a pop,but unfortunately they were just one size too small.Devo! First world problems I know.

As you can see,I loathe ironing.In fact,I couldn't even tell you where my iron is! The Scotsman on the other hand,freaks out if there's the slightest crinkle in his clothes and hanging the laundry out is an elaborate process of shaking the garments out for aaaaaaages,then hanging them oh so carefully straightened on the air dryer.Of course,he does have a point - it means less ironing in the long run.However the skirt is made of a material that's prone to creasing,that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!! (Although I did iron it once when I first got it and it proceeded to crinkle with every movement.Le sigh.) Outfit details at the bottom as usual.

Uber cute Accessorize earrings.I miss Accessorize.



Hair Flower Crown - Some trashy shop in Miranda Westfield (old)

Earrings - Accessorize (Old - Glasgow)

Top - thrifted ($4 at St Vinnies)

Scarf worn as belt - thrifted ($2 at Salvos)

Skirt - New Look (old)

Shoes - Big W (current)

Lips - Rimmel 'Funtime Fuscia',layered with a Napoleon lip paint that was liberated from the Princess :)

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  1. I love how happy the outfit makes you super, sweet I also love the lip color on you Gorgeous!

    i'd love if you can check out my blog and latest video as well, and by the way great read!!, You looked great