Wednesday, 2 October 2013

OOTD - Fat chicks can wear Leopard print!

Hello to anyone out there that may be reading this.I've missed blogging immensely so decided to start afresh and start my incessant ramblings again.

Those of you that used to follow my old blogs will know that I've come full circle in my attitude to myself and to fashion.I used to think (crazily) that as a fat chicka I was somehow less worthy, less beautiful and less deserving of gorgeous,funky clothes.Instead of focusing on looking good in the now,I would spend my spare cash on lovely things in smaller sizes that I would 'one day fit into'.As much as I loved vintage dresses and fashion I would never look for those dresses as I assumed that they wouldn't be made in my size and that I wouldn't do the outfits justice.I would hide in muted tones and 'safe' stylings.

I can't pinpoint when I began to transform my thinking but it was definitely a gradual lipstick crept into my every day wear,flowers in my hair became a daily thing (in direct correlation with how depressed I was getting in the Glasgow winters),my wardrobe gradually became more and more like a flower fairy village that had been invaded by various jungle animals.

And eventually I stopped giving a fuck what people thought.I began dressing for myself and living in the now,rather than buying clothes for when I became a certain size.I began wearing animal print.I began wearing loud colours,loud prints.I began wearing whatever the fuck I wanted.And with this transformed attitude,my disordered eating began to slowly sort itself out too.Sure I still struggle,but it's hella improved...........but that's a story for another time.

This is my first ever proper OOTD.Not a grainy instagrammed one in my dirty mirror that I can't be arsed washing.

On Saturday,my wee sister,The Princess (yes,that is how she wishes to be known on my blog......and how she is pretty much known to everyone in real life.She even has her own 'Princess calling' ringtone on my phone,but again I digress) and I toddled off the first ever Sydney Vintage Fair.

It was a pretty hot Spring Sydney day so my raspberry red frou frou petticoat was out of the question.I considered one of my various Collectif repro 50's dresses but then I remembered my beloved Best and Less leopard print dress.It has a kind of 60's feel to it so on it went.And plus leopard print goes so well with fire engine red and the best-n-ecklace-ever-made..................

Please excuse the hair.It desperately needs a cut and re-dye......and this was at the tail end of a 'no shampoo - baking soda/apple cider vinegar' experiment.Needless to say it didn't work on my hair.I've since found a cruelty free,natural,chemical free brand which I'll review later.

And I'm new to this whole OOTD/fatshion/posing thing so excuse me if I look like a prize d!ck....

I <3 this outfit! 

Let's take a moment to admire the best-necklace-ever-made!

Years ago I would've looked at this photo and hated myself.Now I think I look pretty damn fab,flab and all.

Outfit details..............

Dress - Best & Less (old collection)

Belt - Autograph (old collection)

Shoes  - Big W (Available now $9.99)

Watch - Swatch shop lucky dip,courtesy of the Princess

Pink Vintage trunk - The Princess's purchase at the vintage fair

Sunglasses - Cheapo shop at Cronulla

Nails - Ciate 

Lips - Rockalily 'Hot Rod Red'

Hair flowers - Frangipani:Hot Dollar,Hibiscus:Ebay

The-best-necklace-ever-made - Bela Lugosi as Dracula,Etsy

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