Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Aussie Curves - Races

Aloha Petals!

I inadvertently took today off as it's the Scotsman and my 7 year anniversary today.According to the husband-man once you get married,you don't count the anniversary of the day you got together.I say screw that though! Love is always a cause for celebration!

So anyways,this is the first time since I can remember that I've ever actually went out anywhere for the Melbourne Cup.Hell,I've never even been to the races despite having to drive past Randwick Racecourse for 6 years when I worked in Bondi.It just never tickled my fancy.

Anyways,here's my hastily put together (and photographed) outfit for our Melbourne Cup lunch outing to the St George Motorboat Club. We had a great time,there was a fab atmosphere and we may consider getting tickets to a proper luncheon - function type thing next year.

As for this dress,I purchased it from Ebay aaaaages ago.......I've hardly worn it as it just doesn't feel like 'me' despite being a vintage repro number.The colours are very muted and too neutral for my personal taste and the dress just feels too conservative and dainty lady like,for me personally.

I do think it's a gorgeous dress,don't get me wrong.......it's just not moi.I felt quite uncomfortable in it,more so psychologically than physically.I really can not fault this dress for comfort and cut and style.The material breathes,the cut is gorgeous (though I do prefer things a bit more cleavagey ;P ),the skirt length is just lovely and 50's like and the skirt flows beautifully.

I would've felt more me had it been more colourful.........and OMG there are soooooo many gorgeous dresses from Lady V in more my style................


Dress - Lady V London (Ebay - 2 years ago)

Belt - ??????

Shoes - Big W (current)

Hair Frangipani - Hot Dollar (old)


  1. I think it's a super cute dress! But I do understand what you mean about it not feeling like "you"

    1. Aw,thanks hon! Looking at the photos I can see that it does suit me more than I thought.Definitely a really cute dress tho,but for me in maybe a brighter colour scheme.xox

  2. Such a pretty dress for you. Maybe try some coloured accessories to brighten it up if you're feeling its not colourful enough. a belt in hot pink or red would look spectacular!

  3. Just beautiful. Happy "not really you anniversary anymore according to Hubby" Anniversary. Haha.