Saturday, 2 November 2013

Arachnia,Vampire Queen of Spiders

My God this year has crept up on me and gone by in a flash.I can't believe we're in November already!

As such,we had planned a Halloween Funday Monday at work a month in advance.However that month absolutely flew in,so I was left with a very last minute costume.

Unfortunately Halloween turned out to be a total let down for me this year.We Aussies just don't do it like the Scots.I was very pleasantly surprised in my first year living there at just how huge Halloween is over there.The whole kit and kaboodle - trick or treating and the efforts put in to dressing up.Although lately,yes it all seems to be slutty this and slutty that.Nothing wrong with a bit of sexiness,but a slutty bumblebee?!?!?!  C'moooooon! Where's the imagination? 

Then my lovingly planned Halloween Monday celebrations were thwarted by an (extremely) last minute fire evacuation training.Cue lots of stress for the fill in Team Leader and staff,most of whom don't share my Halloween enthusiasm and love all things macabre.

And on the actual 31st I had nothing planned as I was working the next 2 days.Le sigh.First world problems,blah blah blah.........

Anyways,here is my very last minute and not very imaginative costume made with what I had on hand.......oh,and I totally rocked up to training like this,even though I was the only one dressed for Halloween in the room............................

**** Picture Heavy because I'm a vain beeatch and just discovered some awesome filters in the editor.

Arachnia,Vampire Spider was all I could think of at the time.

Trying to do Bela Lugosi Dracula eyes.Failing.

And yes,I own not one but TWO Bela Lugosi 'Dracula' necklaces


Dress - New Look  (Old,Glasgow)

Belt - Old (???????????)

Shoes - Big W (current)

Bela Lugosi Necklace - Etsy

Hair Flower - Ebay

Hat/Veil hairband thing - Hot Dollar Halloween section

Skull - Crystal Skull Vodka bottle

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