Tuesday, 5 November 2013

7 year (b)itch.Sorry,it had to be done!

7 years! 7 years! 7 FREAKING YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah,the 'Glasgow Years' were mostly spent drunk!

Apparently once you get handfasted/married you don't count the anniversary of when you first got together as a couple.I say screw that! I think love in all forms should be celebrated,and relationships full stop should be celebrated.Especially in this day and age when divorce rates are going up.

Before the Scotsman and I got together I was a total commitment phobe.I didn't want to get married.I just wanted to continue travelling the world,having adventures and short term flings.On bonfire night in Glasgow,5th September 2006,we admitted we had feelings for each other after 2 years of friendship.

My life has changed so much in the last 7 years.I have never met someone who simultaneously infuriates me,drives me bonkers but also makes me laugh till I'm on the floor crying,makes me feel so unbelievable loved and worthy of that love and who makes me go into fierce psycho bitch mode to protect him from all the hurts of the world.

On paper (or if we were signed up on one of those Internet dating sites),we would be totally incompatible as we are complete polar opposites.We can't even agree how to have our tea and toast in the morning! (Black and 2,jam only on nearly burnt bread for him,white,1/2 tsp sugar and very,very lightly toasted with butter and jam for moi.) From our physical appearance,personality traits,tastes and temperaments to our Zodiac signs (he Virgo and me Aries) but we've lasted these past 7 years with a relatively drama free relationship.Pretty good considering I am a complete and utter drama queen! I can honestly say we've only ever had 3 serious-go to sleep angry with each other arguments in our time together and we've managed to survive unsupportive,now estranged family members (his) and a move from one hemisphere to another.

I'm kinda rambling but I guess I just want to celebrate love.I'll post our story and our handfasting soon but in the meantime I just wanted to put up this post............


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